Thanks for visiting my website, Nurturing Touch. My name is Kimi Uegaki and it's my pleasure to share my interest in Shantala massage and foot reflexology with you.

I'm fascinated by how touch is connected human development, health, and well-being. My first career was as a physical therapist working in a rehabilitation center with adults who had strokes or brain injuries. During this time, I experienced how important touch was. With my hands, I could guide my clients with without the need for words as they learned how to stand and walk again after a stroke or head injury. This was particularly useful if my clients had trouble speaking or understanding due to damage to the speech center in their brains. My hands conveyed support, encouragement and safety to my clients, and my hands told me how my clients were feeling and responding.

Shantala baby massage and foot reflexology massage have been helpful tools to have in my own parenting "bag of tricks" and I hope to pass this knowledge onto as many parents and caregivers as possible. 


Shantala baby massage 

For whom 

Shantala baby massage is a fun, relaxing way for parents to bond and spend time with their babies.

It is a full body massage that is appropriate for babies between the ages of 6-weeks and 9 months.

Shantala baby massage can help soothe and comfort babies who

  • are colicky,
  • have difficulty sleeping,
  • are overstimulated, restless, and tend to hyperextend their backs and become rigid, or 
  • were born prematurely.

I offer group and private lessons in Leiden, Voorschoten, and Zoeterwoude.


Shantala baby massage has a number of positive effects. 

Shantala baby massage helps

  • strengthen the bond between baby and parent, 
  • promote relaxation and foster better quality sleep,
  • develop self-awareness,
  • develop body awareness,
  • develop a sense of safety and security,
  • digestion, and
  • relieve tummy cramps and constipation.

Baby Foot Reflexology

For whom & effects

Baby foot reflexology massage is easy to learn and can be given anywhere.

Baby foot reflexology massage is appropriate for babies from birth to 11 months of age.

The three massages taught in the course have been designed to

  • promote relaxation and sleep.
  • promote digestion and uptake of nutrients.
  • relief cramps and constipation. 
  • stimulate the immune system and provide symptomatic relief from common childhood ailments.


"De cursus van Kimi gaf rust en ontspanning voor mij en mijn baby. Mijn zoontje raakte erg ontspannen van de massage en viel aan het einde van de les meestal in slaap. Ook voor mijzelf was het een moment om bij te komen. Het was een fijne manier om even wat extra aandacht aan mijn kindje te geven. De praktische insteek van de cursus maakt dat je thuis direct de massagetechnieken kunt toepassen. Ik zou de cursus zeker aanraden aan andere moeders of vaders aanraden!"    

~ moeder van David (7 weken oud)

"Kimi is een hele fijne docent! De babymassage was heerlijke quality time met mijn dochter. Een absolute aanrader!"

~ moeder van Rosa (8 weken oud)