"Being touched and caressed, 

being massaged, 

is food for the infant. 

Food as necessary

as minerals, vitamins, and proteins..."

From Dr. Frederick Leboyer, 

Loving hands: the traditional art of baby massage.

nurturing touch. Shantala baby massage.

Shantala massage

attentive - loving - mindful


Welcome to Nurturing Touch, my practice for Shantala massage. 

Since you are visiting my website, chances are that you are expecting a baby or are a new parent. Or perhaps you have a family member or friend who is expecting or who has just welcomed a baby into this world. Whichever is the.case, please let me offer my congratulations!

It is a joy to teach parents and caregivers the art of Shantala baby massage. In essence, Shantala baby massage is attentive and loving touch. Our skin is our largest organ and Shantala baby massage enables parents to communicate with their babies in a powerful way without the need for words. And this helps strengthen the bond between parent and baby. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


Kimi Uegaki, BSc, PhD 

Shantala baby massage instructor

Shantala baby massage lessons in Leiden, Voorschoten and Zoeterwoude
Nurturing Touch. Shantala baby massage.

Shantala baby massage lessons

I offer to 2 types of Shantala baby massage lessons in Leiden and the surrounding region.

  • group lessons
  • private lessons

Group lessons are given on location. I offer a 1-day introductory workshop and a 4-day course. Each lesson is 75 minutes and there is space for a maximum of 4 parent-baby pairs. Grandparents and nannies are also welcome. 

Private lessons are given in the parents' home. I offer a 3-day course. Each lesson is 60 minutes long. 

In addition to the massage techniques, I cover topics such as how to carry your baby in a supportive manner, how to use the Tummy Tub, body language and the use of essential oils. 

About me

When I was a child I enjoyed giving my parents and grandmother massages. I remember how these moments were calming and peaceful.

Now as a mother of 2 school-aged children, I have experienced the benefits of Shantala massage with them. Our massage moments are our special quiet moments of undivided attention and being together. 

Nurturing Touch is the result of my fascination with how loving touch affects the physical, cognitive and emotional development of children.

I look forward to teaching Shantala baby massage to as many parents and caregivers as possible. 

Shantala baby massage lessons in Leiden, Voorschoten and Zoeterwoude

Nurturing Touch

Practice for Shantala Massage

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